June 22, 2014

Museum of History Waiblingen

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    play audio drama


    play orchestral clock music

  •  Waiblingen 2014. With all possibilities of mapping, 2D and 3D animation, combined with the classical drama of a movie, together with Tamschick Media+Space and Klangerfinder, I created a 11 minutes show which is the main attraction in the new renovated Museum of History in Waiblingen. 2 times 1920x1200 pixels projected and exactly mapped on an almost 4 meters big model of the city Waiblingen. 

Despite the main show, I wrote and directed a 10 minutes audio drama which tells the story of the old residents of the museum. In a third room people can hear a complex, dramatic orchestra of clock / time sounds.
  • <p>Media Production / Creative Direction: <a href='http://tamschick.com/project/haus-der-stadtgeschichtewaiblingen-2014/' title='company site'>Tamschick Media+Space GmbH </a><p><p>Script & Direction & Compositing & Implementation: Sascha Eckardt

Compositing, Directing, Editing, Implementation, Script post by .

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